Mr. Wong's Curios: Dragon's Tail Ring (Part 1)

Don’t fucking slam the door!" My mom yelled from the bedroom. Damn. I just thought I’d shut it. I guess I was angrier than I thought. My Mom stomped into the living room in just her night robe, showing me more of her boobs than I wanted to see.
Geez, put on some clothes." I said, raising my hand to cover her body.
Jerry’s sleeping. Don’t wake him up!" Mom hissed at me. God damn Jerry. He was the latest guy she was “seeing” which in Mom’s language meant letting him sleep in our place and in her. The guys she saw were all dead beats. None of them lasted longer than a few months. They got tired of Mom and left and then she blamed it on me.
Whatever." I said. “I’m going to my room.” I walked past her and shut the door to my room. I was horny from seeing Mrs. Li, so I pulled off my clothes, laid down on my bed, and started jerking it. I pictured Mrs. Li going down on me, sucking my cock with her top off, her lips wrapped around my shaft. Before I could get that into it though, that musky smell came back.
Damn, that’s strong." I said, waving a hand in front of my nose. It didn’t help at all. Then I noticed I was still wearing the ring, so I pulled it off and set it on my nightstand by my bed. Trying to ignore the smell, I went back to jerking off. I pictured Mrs. Li’s hand pumping up and down my cock, her long, fake nails going up and down my shaft as her lipstick red mouth bobbed up and down my shaft.