What is High Intensity Interval Training?

It has been long recommended that people do some sort of cardiovascular exercise three to five times per week. It is important to get regular exercise. It’s good for your heart, muscles and other parts of your body. It helps to work off calories, normalize blood pressure and experience a number of other benefits. However, you can make your body work smarter and not harder with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Let’s explore what HIIT is, how it works and how you can incorporate some exercises in your workout routine.

What HIIT Is

HIIT is like cardiovascular exercise, but it’s on another level. It involves pushing you past your comfort level. This helps to excel your workout and increase your endurance. You can do any cardiovascular exercise and increase the intensity. For example, you can jump rope, bicycle, row, run or use a stair climber. You exercise at an increased level of intensity for a certain duration, which can be between 30 seconds and three minutes. You take a brief period of rest. Then, you start back with your chosen high-intensity workout. Look for a good burpee exercise example or simply go for a run around your neighborhood. For fun, you can incorporate different high-intensity exercises.

Why HIIT Is So Popular

HIIT is popular because even though it is a heightened intensity of workout, you can actually exercise less and experience phenomenal results. With HIIT, you can increase muscle, tone your body, get an excellent cardiovascular workout and boost your metabolism. Here is another amazing benefit: You can continue to burn calories for two hours after you work out. You can opt for HIIT exercises in place of your normal cardiovascular exercises.

Get Help Where You Need It

It’s important to do exercises correctly. Thankfully, you can get all the help you need so that you can achieve the right form and get help for anything else you need, such as finding a burpee exercise example or finding equipment for the rest of your workouts. Shop Tempo to get help with different exercises and achieve your workout goals.

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