(Re-)Search Tool

A web-based tool to process, manage and share Searches, Researches, Search Results, URLs, ... and meta information about everything.


  • Site Profiles
    Screenshot, connections to other Sites, previous visits (by me and others), …
  • Abstracts of Sites
    As written and shared by other users.
  • Group Searches and Results based on Tags and (Custom) Categories
  • Publish / Share a group of results with a note why the search was performed
  • Blacklist/Whitelist sites
  • share blacklists/whitelists
  • keep the user informated about blacklisted search results that aren’t displayed.
  • rate sites
  • set “trusted” users, for blacklists/whitelists/searches/ratings
  • reverse-search (what links to this site?)
  • dynamically add and search topic-spezific search engines / link collections / databases