Christopher Ritchie

Violent white nationalist

Neo-confederate & white nationalist from Austin, Texas. He was first spotted at an anti-immigrant rally in December 2017 and has since been spotted at events like the March 4 Trump, where he was among the crew which assaulted a counterprotestor. He is part of the fascist group Nomad SAR (Sons of the American Revolution), and a supporter of islamophobic group ACT for America as well as neo-nazi group Soldiers of Odin. Ritchie also attended the August 12th rally in Charlottesville, taking part in the violence that ended with dozens injured and one dead.

Ritchie frequently shows up to the UT campus area or events hosted by UT student groups like RSF and ASN. He’s come to campus searching for an RSF meeting to disrupt, showed up to RSF’s “People’s Trial,” ASN’s Zine Release Party at Treasure City Thrift, Anarchist Black Cross’ film screening at Monkeywrench Books, and on May Day to look for “antifa” to fight. He has also showed up to the office of the Texas Observer attempting to harass and intimidate editors there because they pointed out that Ritchie was marching alongside outright Neo-Nazis at the March 4 Trump. At the People’s Trial, Ritchie attempted to follow two students back to their houses while livestreaming before he was confronted and stopped.

Employment Info: Ritchie is employed at Five Guys Burgers. He has been confirmed to work at the Arboretum location as well as the Guadalupe location near campus.
Call in/contact Five Guys to get him fired
Arboretum location: (512) 338-0300
Guadalupe location: (512) 452-4300
24 hour feedback hotline: 866-345-GUYS (4897)
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