Slaveworld Spy Episode 2

She felt his hand touch her head hesitantly, then stroke her face, shivering as she instinctively nuzzled his hand. On Slaveworld she would probably have been punished for that, but here she needed to show him how eager she was. Slaveworld aristocrats already knew!
Peaches stood when Jaq’, discovering his confidence, pulled her to her feet by her hair, his face a picture of delight. She couldn’t help herself; she was desperate to please him! Maybe it was for the best that she wasn’t here alone, she thought idly as Jaq’ ran his hands over her body, making her nipples tingle, her clit painfully hard, pussy so wet her thighs were wet too. There was no way she could do this and be a spy too!
Jaq’ stood face to face with her, his hand slipping between her thighs, finding her crotch chain and the dildo and buttplug it held inside her. Peaches moaned in helpless lust as a stranger touched between her legs, but without the professional ease or practiced sadism she was used to. Jaq’s erection was throbbing in his trousers, Peaches’ eyes locked on her user’s as she had been trained. Jaq’ looked over to Sir Ross. The aristocrat nodded encouragingly.
Jaq’s hand moved between Peaches’ legs, caressing her pussy lips and touching her clit, making her squeal and gasp, the palm of his hand making her dildo move inside her, fucking her. She felt herself flush, her eyes wide, lightheaded with lust as Jaq’ grinned happily, overjoyed at how wet and responsive she was. Peaches was used to being a nice surprise – more sensitive to the Slaveworld’s aphrodisiac than most toys, Peaches was unusually hot and wet even for a sex slave, but Jaq’ had never seen the regular article. He was obviously getting some kind of contact high!
If you’ve never played with a slave before, you might want to just use her mouth and then maybe wait a bit. She’s hot, isn’t she?’