Narrative Essay Writing: Tips, Guidelines, Examples

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A narrative essay writer is a form of essay that includes elements such as beginning, middle and end. It tells a story or another kind of narrative using details, dialogues, actions, characters etc. Narrative essays can be short or long in nature depending on whether you are writing about your experiences or trying to describe someone else’s experiences. If it’s the latter case – which most often than not it is – then you will have to work hard on developing authentic characters and making their whole being believable with every word that comes from them. In order for your essay to be convincing, these characters must have a life of their own without making any logical flaws that would take the reader out of it.

Narrative Essay has same elements as a short story

While writing narrative essays, you should use the same ingredients as those used in writing short stories. These include characters, plot, climax and resolution. But there are also some significant differences between the two styles that must be paid attention to by essay writers who want high grades from their professors. A successful college narrative essay requires an opening that is interesting enough for readers to get pulled into the whole story but brief enough to keep them interested in reading on without becoming bored with too much detail or any boring information; a middle part filled with surprises and twists in the plot; a climax at which all tension rises to its highest level; and finally closure at the end that ties up the loose ends and leaves readers with a feeling of satisfaction.

Unlike short stories, narrative essay must have an introduction to the story which includes who or what it is all about, why you feel it should be written and how your experience went while writing it. In addition to that, you have to give some background information on this particular subject as well as your feelings towards it before getting down to telling the first part of your story in detail. The ending should include an explanation for its entire significance like how certain elements developed from beginning till end; what change was brought into main character’s life by experiencing certain incidents; etc.

Narrative Essay opens door for writers to tell their personal experiences through creative writing

The narrative essay is a form of creative writing that allows you to write my essay and enjoy the process of bringing your thoughts and emotions on paper through storytelling. You can tell your personal stories about people in your life, adventures you have been into or some feelings you couldn’t share with anyone before writing them. To write an impressive essay, though, you should be able to create characters out from thin air who are believable enough for readers to feel like meeting them in real life. If it’s a story about yourself then make sure that the points that are brought up reflect real facts without exaggeration or overstatement; and if it’s somebody else’s story – think hard on whether they would want their personal secrets shared so openly. In addition to that narr the writer should always remember that writing a compelling essay isn’t just about telling people how and what they feel but also why.


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