The no second guessing scheme

The No Second Guessing Initiative Maximus is a company that “partnerswith governments to deliver critical health and human servicesprogrammes that improve the lives of citizens around the world “Their latest human services programme is to take over the WCA (WorkCapability Assesment) scheme. An assessment of claimants that'double check' their inability to work. If they dont pass the WCA (abrutal, inhuman and degrading system, where the disabled have to'perform' a number of physical and mental tricks in front ofassessors) then their disabilities are cut. There are disabled people who couldwork/want to work, but end up on welfare benefits after findingproblems with discriminatory attitudes of employers, particularly towards mental impairment and mental ill-health. However, the WCAis to make sure you arnt lazy or “faking it” NOT ANYMORE, Maximusis about to announce the No second guessing T-shirt range. Making iteasier for you, Maximus and empolyers. Depressed?-wear your blueshirt? Autistic?-striped top,PMS?-white with red splotches. If yourphysically disabled WE CAN SEE, but with this Initiative there is NO SECOND GUESSING.
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Updated by bamtom 2015-08-20

I’m disabled, and was found ineligible for Access-A-Ride paratransit, because if you aren’t wheelchair-bound, you’re able-bodied to them! If I can help in NYC, in any way, let me know.


Thanks, yes im sure I can defonetly use your help!


Is this going to be a video?


My plan is a press release, with a website where the t-shrit range can be bought. As well as maybe other fake companies saying they like the Initiative.