Security Resources

A collection of links and pointers to more info.

Websites with loads more security advice/guides

Phone Apps

  • F-droid (alternative app store)
  • Signal (encrypted messaging over net)
  • AIMSICD (detect some IMSI catchers)
  • osmand (offline mapping)
  • afwall (firewall)
  • cryptfs password (allow longer phone passwords)
  • conversations / chatsecure (encrypted messaging over net)
  • obscuracam (take photos without metadata / with face blurring)
  • debian kit / lil’ debi (run linux within android)
  • flym (RSS feed reader)
  • orbot / orfox / orweb (allows you to use Tor for some apps on your phone)
  • ring / wire (encrypted voice calls over net)
  • riot (chat systems which aims to join up every chat network)
  • wherearetheeyes (collective map of CCTV)
  • wi-fi privacy police (protect against some types of wifi leaks)
  • webapps (use facebook and other corporate services in a more isolated way)
  • k-9 mail (email program)
  • open keychain (allows you to use encrypted emails on k-9 mail)

Alternative Phone Operating Systems

  • Blackphone
  • LineageOS
  • Replicant
  • Copperhead

Do you want physical security stuff, or desktop security? I could get some links for those :)

For example:

Also I’d say the best way to do security, hands down, is to go the other direction and think about how to break it. So this wiki is invaluable –