BLAG themes for 180k

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Updated by Abdur-Rahman Morgan 2014-03-22

Blag 180k alpha themes are updates (and improvements) of themes i tweaked for 160k. Still based on various xfce themes by Rogier Koppejan, plus gtk-3.0 bits based on clearlooks-phenix by Jean-Philippe Fleury – all GPL licensed. You need clearlooks installed, otherwise these themes will look like crap;) Some work for metacity/gtk-3.0 still needs to be done, so they will not yet work well on gnome or mate. Unpack and move to /home/(you)/.themes.


Hi, still arrive to the Forum…
(So I’m just a Rookie… as almost in Linux -although I’m able to contribute with a lot of Passion.)

Although It has not been too easy to find You…
I’m finally very happy (and grateful) to have been admitted in the group…

- What I have, first, is a(n elemental) Question:

From where can I Download a copy of The Blag 180k too install…?

Thank You
and Rock On.


(By the way, what happened with The 160k, whose last version I know is the Alpha…?
It’s not there a Beta Version?)
Has it been discontinued to follow with the 180k…?)


180k does not yet exist, but it might if we make it. In the meantime it is possible to install fedora 18 (the xfce spin is closest to classic BLAG), and then add freed-ora libre kernels as described here: – plus the really little guys icons and the themes from here, if you like. The freed-ora-freedom package is also recommended for getting rid of any non-free stuff on your system.
There were only alpha releases of BLAG 160k, and as fedora 16 no longer receives security updates, i would recommend installing fedora 18 as above to stay updated.

Feel free to contribute in any way you like – see you at the forum or on irc ( #blag) :-)


Ensure that these themes are in 200000