really little guys icon set - updated for 190k

Now covers xfce and mate for f19 and f20, also usable with gnome. Unpack and move to /home/(you)/.icons - or /usr/share/icons if you like.
4 MB, Unknown (.bz2)
Updated by Abdur-Rahman Morgan 2014-03-22

The version of 16.10.11 covers most of both xfce and lxde. Might do some more work on the system tray icons (battery, network, sound, etc). Should also do some cleaning and organizing, as there are plenty of obsolete icons around.


The version of 24.10.11 is even more complete, but still haven’t done the systray icons. Made the theme inherit gnome as a quick fix to some scaling problem with gnome apps. At the same time did individual icons for folders in the home directory. Some might find them a bit too gnomey, but i think i like’em:)


I load it on zenblagger:


Even more fixes and a few new ones in the version of 22.11.11. Adapted to suit the xfce desktop of fedora 16. Also, if you are on a laptop you will now be informed of your battery status by a pink ghost:)


New version of 12.01.12, as it has been pointed out by chrisi in the forums that one of the old BLAG icons used for bittorrent and a couple of other obsolete icons incorporates the Nazi occultist symbol called the “Black Sun” (“Schwarze Sonne”). No idea why and with what intention it was made, perhaps some satirical reference that has since gone lost. All related icons have been removed/replaced in the latest tar.gz pack.

If someone knows the story behind using the symbol for BLAG icons, feel free to clarify.


k! Thanks. I’ll load it on zenblagger:


A few new fixes and icons in the version of 18.03.12 – less pink ghosts, as i felt they were taking over a bit;)


Thanks for your work Veganix,
Still haven’t managed to install them/ie decompress and make a path/~.icons…
but will certainly managed with some patience..!and finding the right yum commands.


Version of 30.01.14 contains updates for mate – base apps and most of the systray complete.


Get this theme working for 200000 with default installation