A new Freed-ora based distro?

Steering the development of Blag or another Freed-ora based distro.

I love reading the bits of development and packaging for Blag here in cg, but i’m pretty sure is not the proper tool for steering the development process.

Let me take as example, the crabgrass development itself. There are plenty of discussions running on several groups here “Users feedback”, “All about crabgrass”, etc. where the developers of RiseupLabs let easier feedback and sharing of ideas with the users of this stuff. But, for the real development, they run a Redmine project with tasks, features, bugs and other things like.

I’m not user of blag, but Fedora, even i’m an active contributor with translations, testing and marketing through ambassador activities. I’d love having the confidence to promoting Blag as a real alternative to Fedora (let’s call it: freed-ora distros) but i’d like to see proper tools get used for several areas:

  • Packaging (including mentoring to new packagers, testing, and QA);
  • Translation (Including user guides and possibly bugs-report translations);
  • Marketing (i have no idea where is Brixton, but i really use linuxlibre, we really need a better FaiF alternative to Fedora).
  • Documentation (Software undocumented is useless for newcomers, period).

My two cents.


Are you proposing something? And some help? If yes, I can say we’re very happy. Because I don’t see the future of blag with a good feeling at this time.
Brixton is in London.


Yes, i’m interested in blag since my first approach to Fedora. Sadly, i’m not a technical developer and my contributions wouldn’t be but in documentation and testing (maybe PR too).

Talking with Alexandre Oliva on identi.ca, about my try to convince him to include linuxlibre in fedora hosted infrastructure he showed me his own proposal of developing for a Freedora distro. I’m pretty sure there are lot of ideas about the development of a FaiF distro. If blag’s future is in doubt, maybe we could open a new path for actual Fedora contributors interested in linuxlibre.

This is a very important point to me, as a contributor to Fedora, i’ve learned a lot and found very kind people, always supportive. Even if corporative decisions are not always based on our four foundations, many people in our community believe seriously in the users freedom.


More ever revisor is actually broken in F14 (x86_64 / for x86 ?)…. So we must wait before try to custumized a F14 -icecat/sylpheed and kernel libre)…


@Jesús Blag isn’t just de freed-ora distro; it’s a political one. If it was just a free fedora without its anarchist community I’d run debian, not a fedora based distro.


@cyrille revisor is broken in x86-f14 too, but fortunately i have a pretty old machine with f13 and now i’m just playing with your kickstart file in order to try to present an usable concept.

@Junichirô “Everything you do is political” my teachers and some anarchist friends say that; also, Aristóteles said 25 centuries ago “Human is a political animal”. So, that means whatever you want. I don’t think this is the place to run a political debate about what you mean, and i mean, by freedom or specific stages of realization. I’m not escaping the discussion, just i think to be fair, i’d like the freedom to write in my language because i don’t write in english as much as i can read it, as you probably noticed yet.

For me and other users of Blag, it’s just an alternative to Fedora. I’d like you were open to mutual support about specific goals for the sake of every hacktivist project we are involved, and this way impact in other projects in a positive way, leading to more freedom. But maybe your anarchist community is not interested in that.


I’m open to support but I said blag is blag not just a free fedora. And I’m not an English speaking but French one.


Like Junichirô, I probably wouldn’t run BLAG without the community and politics behind it. As interesting as free fedora might be, it is not BLAG – which is about overthrowing corporate control of technology and means of communication. Still, BLAG is open to everyone, and all thoughts and contributions are welcome. Blaggers are far from an homogenous group, and will probably disagree on (most) things. While it is fine to use BLAG without being interested in or feel connected to its roots, the politics of BLAG won’t go away. More freedora-based distros are of course a good thing, but I would naturally wish that some of the knowledge and effort could go into developing BLAG.


Just saw your new icons theme for 119k. So, I downloaded it and I’m installing 119k on my Dell laptop. This little things as a new package make me feel, maybe there is a future. Do you see revisor problem on f14?