Wild Magic Ch 7-9

How do you like it, slut. Do you like being the slut in a father-son spitroast?" He asked while piledriving his dick into her again and again. “I’m going to cover your womb in my spunk, while my son fills your belly with his. Do you like that, slut?”
I was shocked to see my dad talking this way. He was normally such an easy going guy, but there was this whole side to him I didn’t know about. Meanwhile, Lauren seemed to love it. She had pulled her blouse and bra off, leaving her breasts to hang against my thighs while she fucked my dick with her throat.
I tensed up as my orgasm built. Lauren kept making little grunting noises. Finally I tipped over the edge, and started cumming. “Fuuuuuuuuu-” I cried out as I sent rope after rope of cum directly down her throat.
She swallowed again and again, without spilling a single drop.
Dad grunted as he buried into her for the last time. He came as well, and Lauren gasped for air as his spunk filled her up. When he stopped, Lauren collapsed onto momporns.top me, her face against my stomach.