Reading for Tuesday 27th July 2010

We'll be looking at the work of Audre Lorde

We’ll be looking at the work of Audre Lorde, a poet, writer and activist who lived from 1934-1992.

She wrote poetry, fiction, essays, journals and was a poet laureate for New York. You can read more about her life here;

Here is one of her poems called ‘The Black Unicorn’

She also wrote a bio-mythography (a sort of mixture of bigraphy and fiction) called ‘Zami; a new spelling of my name’

Later, she wrote ‘The Cancer Journals’. This chronicles Lorde’s battles with cancer, “not just as a woman, but as a Black Lesbian feminist. Lorde believing that post-mastectomy women’s feelings need a voice in order to be recognized, repected and of use, breaks the silence giving voice to the anger, pain and fear that she felt about cancer.”

Try the local library for some of her work. I’ll also try scan some of either Zami or Cancer Journals to put up here too.