Contact the BreakFreePNW Tactical Team

How to securely contact the tactical team to plug in your AG

To contact the BreakFreePNW tactical team about your AG with much better anonymity than email:

1 – Go to and create an account

2 – Go to and send a message to breakfreepnw

  • share whatever info you wish & provide a preferred method of contact.
  • the highest-secuity method is to exchange messages within, connecting through the tor browser
  • remember to practice good security culture and only share with us what you need to!

3 – We’ll get back to you

(of course, if you prefer, you can still send emails to


This is Bernadette, checking in (via Tor). I’m not in an affinity group yet, but would like more info. I’m registration coordinator for the event so looking to collect whatever info is being made available for sharing about what’s going on throughout the convergence.


Hi folks! A friendly reminder that posting comments in the box below the post is public! If you want to contact us privately on crabgrass, please go here:

In the Recipient box, enter: breakfreepnw and send us your message.