Brown SDS Meeting Minutes

Present: Julian (facilitator), Daniel, Phoebe, Tye, Nick, Nate, Brian, Julie, Simon, Will, Chris, Zander, Kevin

Start: 9:10 pm


SDS Core Values: transparency, accountability, participatory democracy (people making decisions about the things that effect us), direct action, non-hierarchical structures, collective liberation inside and outside of the organization

Brainstorm from last meeting recap:
Campaigns from last year
* Accessible Education
* Resource Sharing
* Corporation Democratization
* Financial Aid and Tuition Reform
* Investment Transparency
* Code of Ethics
* specifically dealing with Career Development Center
* Restructuring / Restarting / Adopting PVD SDS work
* Immigrant Solidarity
* Copwatch / de-policing campaign
* Anti-foreclosure / housing
* Antiwar / Anti-imperialism
* Afghanistan anniversary action
* Statewide Accessible Education
New (and semi-new) ideas
* Public Art / Street Theater
* Admissions reform
* Committee on Slavery and Justice work
* Financial Aid Information Clearing House (battle tactics)
* sharing experiences and tips on fighting financial aid office
* Anti-patriarchy campaign
* Brown Dining Contract
* Radical Cheerleaders
* Street Medic Collective
* Training and skill share (internal education)
* TWC Naming Politics
* Social Justice Network

Picking Priorities
* Past models of division of labor
* General Body Meetings (everyone together, discussion of all campaigns)
* Working Group Meetings (Different meetings throughout the week, on different topics)
* What has time constraints / schedules?
* Investment Transparency
* ACCRIP (Socially Responsible Investment Committee) has offered the Open the Books Coalition (of which SDS is a part) space at their next meeting to present on Investment Transparency
* Meeting on October 19th
* Brown Dining Contracts
* Negotiations have begun already
* Brown may be trying for a wage freeze and higher health care co-pays
* Students will be organizing in solidarity
* Rally and March on October 1
* From Main Green to Whole Foods (contact negotiations and health care)
* Planning Meeting on Friday, 6pm, JWW
* Come!
* Tell other organizations that it’s going on and invite them
* Other announced Interests / Priorities
* lists went around for each of these, with point people for each one
* meeting for each theme will be scheduled over the listserv
* Accessible Education
* Art/Theater/Publication
* Announcements
* Code of Ethics
* Barbara Peoples from Career Development Center retired; Roger Nozaki from Swearer Center is the new contact
* Want to go to Pittsburgh for the G20? Talk to Phoebe.Neel@gmail.com