Getting Into Crabgrass

How to get into this site.

1. Registering for crabgrass (

Head to the site. You will see below the space to login a button for ‘new account’.
Then fill in your desired username (first initial plus last name is easy, or full name, or something recognizable is preferably, not ‘fluffykitten’, unless your heart is so so urged), and some password. An email is optional. Also you can peruse the Usage agreement. It’s quite different than on most sites (and one of the reasons why Riseup is so cool…)

2. Log in.

You may be already logged in after creating the account. If not, head to and log in with your username and password.

3. Go to Brown SDS group.

Head to, and click on the link ‘request to join group’. This will let people who are already in the group know that you’ve requested to join. On the front page should be an email address to send a message to, explaining that you’ve requested to join, and they (or anyone else in the group) can log in and approve you. Try to give a hint as to what your username is (if you didn’t pick an obvious one), so it’s easy to tell who you are.

4. Once someone approves you, you are in!

Head to, start reading minutes, adding pages, posting minutes, drafting letters, etc… Enjoy!