Intro Meeting Notes

Notes about the presentations given at the intro meeting, archived so people can look back at them or share them w/ people not at the meeting.

Accessible Ed

we think it’s important to address issues that directly address us. therefore the ability for students to control their own educations and also for that education to be accessible to those it isn’t currently.

we’ve focused on many different aspects of this in the past including,
– financial component
- a tuition freeze.
- better financial aid
- spending money on students, instead of on often superficial expensive projects (for example, redoing the outside of wilson hall, leaving the inside as old as it was previously).
– democratization of university governance.
- open meetings (currently completely sealed, with cops at the doors of the building)
- published minutes (currently sealed for 50 years)
- community agenda setting
- community referenda on major decisions
this has led us to work with lots of different organizations which each have had specific reasons why they want to have more control and knowledge about the governance of our school.
– improving the application
- getting rid of SATs (tests shown to measure how well you knew white middle class society)