Story Of An Indian Mother

Khalid inserted his left finger in the her cunt, Mom virtually jumped over from that and then fell on the his lap. She was smiling seductively and madly kissing him. OOOHHHH, she moaned and her hand came within the joint area of his circumcised cock and her pussy. She tried to hold his circumcised cock and touch the entrance of her cunt.
Then after a jerk, Khalid inserted his circumcised cock in her pussy and Mom started moving her wide ass madly.This was the moment I had yearned. My Mom eagerly taking a circumcised cock in her pussy that was not her husband’s. It was a beautiful sight.
Both their hand behind each other’s back, travelling up and down and feeling each other’s body, their lips locked, the boobs of my mother pressing very hard against his hairy chest and in between their writhing upper torsos, was her Mangalsutra. The moans of my mother were so loud that she probably forgot that someone outside could hear her.She was looking very sexy.
After about 10 minutes Khalid lied on the bed below and Mom was on top of him to fuck him mercilessly. She moved her ass forward backward just like in the bath tub and sometimes she made a slightly circular move.
Khalid was kneading her breasts, her upper torso was bent forward toward him and Mangalsutra was hanging over his chest. Khalid took it in his mouth, pulled the Mangalsutra gently and dragged her towards his hairy chest to make her lie on his chest. They were again kissing each other’s lips with deep smooching sound.