Call to organise : Hit the production day

Hit the Production of Climate Chaos

The climate catastrophe has not happened by random chance and the
melting glacier is not its place. Our economic system, the way it
produces goods, and the way they are transported and finally consumed is
the root of climate change.

We do not believe that this COP will solve the climate crisis. The
delegates, NGOs and company representatives are stuck in an ideology of
never ending economic growth and universal market solutions to all
human-made problems, such as ecological destruction. Social justice
issues are consequently ignored.

On December 13th we call for action on this economic system. We
encourage affinity groups to take action on targets in Copenhagen, and
abroad. In the Morning of December 13th we will also shut down the
harbour of Copenhagen through a mass action blockade. The harbour is a
key symbol of the global free-market economy. Here becomes visible what
is usually hidden: ecological deterioration, economic and social
exploitation, and utter injustice.

Since the dawn of colonialism the global shipping industry has been
characterized by violence. What was once gold pillaged from the Incas is
these days profit based on cheap resources and cheap labour – usually
transported by ships. Today, container shipping is one of the
foundations of capitalism. There are hardly any regulations: fuel is not
taxed, emissions are not subject to control and borders are seemingly
non-existent for container ships. At the same time, the never ending
need for more cheap goods is almost limitless. The “free” global flow of
goods continues to grow – with benefits for only the few.

But whereas these flows of goods can enter the EU/ rich world freely,
humans cannot. As soon as people do not have the right passport or
enough money when entering rich countries, they are put in prisons,
deported and deprived of the most basic human rights. And the
militarisation of the seas is not just happening around the EU borders.
It is also used to protect international shipping, like in Somalia where
international fishing fleets have robbed Somali fishermen of the
fundamental elements of their existence.

Finally, international shipping is more than just a method of transport
for the global economy. It is in itself a primary cause of climate
change. Approximately 5% of Global Greenhouse Emissions are produced by
the shipping industry. Container ship fuel is basically toxic waste left
over from petrol production, containing high amounts of sulphur and
mercury. And like international flights, nobody is responsible for
shipping industry emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate justice and real social change will not come from above.
Effective change has to come from everyone – affected, responsible, and
observer. True change has to be organized and realized by people all
over the world – all people on the streets and in the fields. We say no
to the power of governments, companies and so-called non-government
organisations which are only interested in maintaining their power,
influence and flows of capital.

We will try to stop this madness for a day. Fighting for climate justice
means changing our economic system and this needs to happen here in the
rich global north, which reaps the most benefits from the disaster. For
the free flow of people and ideas, instead of flows of goods to benefit
the few.

Contact to get involved with planning the action, or come
to one of our next meetings – Copenhagen October 15 and 18, Hamburg
November 7-8.