Listes de diffusion sur le climat

Listes en français

  • : La liste de discussion du Camp Action Climat à l’international. Pour s’inscrire, envoyez simplement un mail à l’adresse
  • Groupe de coordination d’individus et d’organisations visant à mobiliser les campus et la jeunesse pour le climat et la justice sociale dans la perspective du sommet de Copenhague en décembre
  • Adopt-a-Negotiator rapid-response team for France.
  • associations et militants membres du collectif Urgence Climatique Justice Sociale
  • Groupe de mobilisation pour Copenhague 2009 dans le cadre de la campagne “urgence climatique – justice sociale”

Listes du mouvement de la jeunesse

  • Créer son propre media avec le mouvement de la jeunesse
  • General climate info relevant to youth organizations and individuals around the world. Examples of messages: campaign announcements, events, research, requests for input/ideas, etc
  • A forum for all European youth to collaborate and keep in touch with each other, inspire, create, motivate, expand on the Road to Copenhagen.
  • It has been proposed to hold the first ever South Asian Youth summit on climate change from August 22-25, 2009. The summit aims to provide a platform for youth to define climate change from their viewpoint and to engage in dialogue on possible solutions through steadfast and resolute action.
  • This group is to enable youth from the south to share their concerns, voice opinions and organise on issues that are relevant to them. To also ensure better representation from the global south in the youth climate movement. It is for youth from the global south and those who want to support them.
  • (archives only, no posting)This is a low traffic listserve for all the youth participants at COP14. It is intended as a information sharing list. Emails are reserved for information sharing across all the youth delegates that is relevant to all or almost all participants. Emails will be approved by the administrator.
  • Contains all information related to UNFCCC process and to the COPs. This includes youth strategy at COP, addressing governmental delegates… The planning and activities related to smaller UNFCCC meetings are discussed in event lists. The list is also used by the Youth Focal Points to spread official information to the movement, their emails include the UNFCCC-Official tag in the subject line.
  • Project survival is about collaborating with the small island states and LDCs to get their message heard – the decisions made by the UNFCCC process determine their very survival!
  • LULUCF, REDD, and other issues!
  • Role of the Youth Climate Policy Group: 1. To discuss and keep up to date with policy developments in the international political realm. 2. To inform the rest of the International Youth Network of current policies and to make policy documents more accessible. 3. To draft policies and briefing documents to be used by the International Youth Network in our activities (ie lobbying, outreach, education, media, etc).
  • Youth Climate Translators
  • For communication within the youth coming to “Bonn III”, the UNFCCC informal consultations in Bonn from the 10-14th August 2009.
  • This is a group for youth planning events and actions around the UN Climate Meetings in Bangkok this September.
  • A group for youth from Nordic countries participating in a COP process. This group’s aims are to: – coordinate efforts across countries and organisations, – circulate and discuss policy papers, – solve logistics issues, – organise events/actions/campaigns, – recruit new young climate activists.
  • Youth Climate Movements in the post-Soviet countries

Listes du mouvement des camps climats et autres

Liste de mobilisation spécifique à la COP15

  • COP15 – United Nations Climate Change Conference is taking place in Copenhagen in November December 2009. This list purpose is the international coordination to prepare counter activities for the event.
  • In December 2009, in Copenhagen, the UN will convene the largest and most important Climate Summit to date. This is a low volume announcement list for those interested in the planned counter-mobilisation and associated global action days. To get involved in the ongoing and open process, you may also want to sign up to the climate09-int email list
  • A list for the preparations of the agriculture related activities during the COP15 in December 2009 in Copenhagen. Linked to the Climate Justice Action and the Never Trust a COP networks.