Cars For Sale Wellington

Everyone wants hassle free, car finance. And we can help achieve just that. We are a proven multi award winning financier with over 25 years experience. With our personalised approach and comprehensive services we can offer you financing for all types of vehicles and situations. Maybe you need car finance for a new work vehicle, a new addition to your fleet… maybe you need car finance to upgrade your car to suit your growing family… or maybe you need car finance so you can purchase a cheap run-around vehicle? Either way – we’re here to help you get the Cars For Sale Wellington finance you need, so you can afford the vehicle you need. Whether you’re purchasing through a dealership, a private seller or online via TradeMe, we’ll be able to get you the Car Finance you require.

At Car Finance NZ we don’t just deal in finance for cars – we also offer finance options for caravans, trailers, motorhomes, Campervan For Sale Auckland, mobile-homes and even food trucks. No matter what kind of recreational or commercial vehicle you’re after, we can help you find what you’re looking for. We’re standing by ready to help you get your vehicle on the road and on your way to your next adventure! We provide a flexible and personal service that’ll help you get the caravan finance you need to get you on the road.

If you’re on the lookout for a caravan or mobile home, you’re probably aware that making a purchase or even trying to secure caravan finance can be a stressful process. So that’s where we come in. You’re going to want us to help you find the caravan or mobile home of your dreams – and with more than 25 years experience, we’re definitely your best option for achieving that dream.