Recap of 11/18/2010 meeting

Notes from the meeting.

I just wanted to recap the meeting for those of you who couldn’t make it or missed some of it. Laura, Steve, Jason, and I met last night, though Jason had to leave in the middle. We came up with some ideas for the case and discussed the organizational structure we feel most comfortable with for now. We agreed that we will all update the case when we see it needs updating or when we think of something that would be great- a way to use the space to benefit members. (like Judith just did…) Then after we update it, we email everyone in this list that it was updated and how. And that’s it. We discussed the wisdom of attaching additional requirements to updates, like checking with others before an update is made but decided it’s unnecessary given that if there is any issue with something that’s in the case, we can always take it down and discuss it further. Sort of like what happened with the letter from Jennie about Gabe. We posted it

We all came away from the meeting with plans for new updates to the case, (the specifics are in my notes which are at home!), the process (that I just described), and a decision to create a second email list to prevent confusion regarding who is getting included in what email thread, etc.