To Do from 11/18/2010 meeting

These are the tasks that came out of the 11/18/2010 working group meeting.

Pending tasks

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Completed tasks

  • Jason

I don’t think I want to post my member notes in the display case because I wrote those to be personal notes, not an official record of what happened. So, I’m going to mark that task completed even though it is not yet done.


This seems like a great site, I like their mission statement. The only thing I dont like is it is a learning curve to switch from the google groups. It actually took me a good deal of time just to navigate that site, and I dont even use 90% of the functions. But this seems pretty simple and lets see where it goes. Thanks for setting this up and my hopes are it will simplify communications for us all. Also I liked Judith C’s idea of having all links on the co-op website, I hope that we can talk more about this at the upcomming board meeting.


Yeah, there is a little learning curve to using this. I’m happy to meet with anyone one-on-one in order to help folks learn how to use it. I also created a website committee that can be used here:


Laura Anglim posted some very nice information in the display case at the market, be sure and check it out. I have a question, who is kiadso and why dont I see their name here under people?. It would be nice to know who I am speaking with.


Hi Steve-

kiadso is Genelle. So sorry… I added my name and picture to my profile yesterday, so I didn’t think to add my name to the text of what i was writing.

I can’t wait to see the display case, yay! :) Did Laura add something new since she last updated crabgrass? We’re trying to keep this area updated with what is currently in the glass case.

Also, “People” only lists the users who have commented on this thread, so now you’ll see me there, hopefully.