Welcome to Crabgrass


I just wanted to start this discussion in order to get feedback on how you all feel about crabgrass so far and to point out a few features that will make organizing the display board easier.

First of all, when you log into crabgrass and navigate to the Display Board committee (we.riseup.net/ccm-com-wg+display), below the Committee Home section, you’ll see a section with this info:

Currently on the Display Board (Click for screenshot→ )

  • new board member statements and quotes
  • board meeting announcement for Nov. 23rd meeting
  • notice about joining the Google Group
  • Policy Register statement about the Ends

Please update this as the information in the display board changes. This can serve as a quick online view of the display case for anyone interested. That is, if someone were interested in volunteering, they can easily see the current status of the work we’re doing.

Secondly, there’s a “Tasks” section of the site (Click for screenshot→ ) that can be useful for keeping track of what needs to be done and what’s already been done. You can find that section here: we.riseup.net/groups/tasks/ccm-com-wg+d.... Everyone who’s a member of the committee can modify, update, and mark tasks as completed. If you click on a task, you can see an option to edit it. You can also click on the check box to the left of the task in order to mark it complete.

Thirdly, I’ve noticed everyone who was initially invited to sign up for the Display Board crabgrass committee has created an account except for Judith. Judith, please let me know how I can help you get started. Those of you that signed up can add ANY picture to be your avatar, not just a picture of yourself. Let me know if you want me to show you how.

Lastly (Click for screenshot→ and ), if you want an email to be sent out from the crabgrass system after you’ve made a big change or added to a discussion, you’ll have to click on “Send Notification” in the menu to the right of the discussion window. You can send emails to everyone on the committee, just those who’ve participated in the discussion so far, and any other email address you want to send it to.

That should be a little more info in order to help get everyone started. So, what do you think? Suggestions to make things easier/better?


I made an addition to the display board today – a couple sheets on worker cooperatives & workplace democracy. In the future we can find something more specially tailored to our needs, but for the short term I think this can serve as a general overview.

Hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving!


Thanks for updating. If we can all work to keep this or at least some other similar system up-to-date, then folks will be able to keep track of our process and/or get involved right from within the market at the laptop that’s there. I added a bookmark to this site the other day.


I wanted to add to this discussion because I’ve found a way over a fairly large learning curve hurdle.

In the top of the left sidebar on the group page, you can see a button that says “Create Page”. I was avoiding it because the way it is organized, it looks like it’s a way of adding something to the left sidebar. But it is really just a way to create anything new for the group you’re in.

Here are the things you can do by clicking on Create Page:

Create wiki page (good for creating a document for others to improve/edit)
Create new group discussion

Upload a file
Upload a video
Create a photo gallery

Create a survey
Create an approval poll
Hold a ranked vote

Create a new task list (for instance one created from a particular meeting)

So don’t be shy about creating a page! :)


Well I now found this page, this site is very confusing to me. I found the chat feature and chatted to myself, and it has an archive which is nice. Perhaps we could all try and meet in the chat to discuss things live… I really think I will need a tutorial to understand how to even navigate fully. I just today found the page with all the members that are here. Im sure I could figure it out after one or two hours of frustration…. I will keep trying as time permits.


Steve, I can show you and others around crabgrass sometime, if we decide to keep using it at the meeting today. I agree about there being a slight learning curve involved when learning to use it. But I think once you figure it out, it’ll be easy and helpful to use.

Here is a crabgrass group that might be helpful to start out with: we.riseup.net/crabgrass