Objectives (General and Specific) of the Member Communications Committee

Discussion on our objectives.

I wrote this as a starting place for us and wondered how others would describe our overall objective and our specific objectives. Please comment, offer edits, etc.

General Objective of the Member Communications Committee:

Provide transparency in the management of the co-op, create trust between workers, members, vendors, and the board. Provide an outlet for meaningful member participation, build community, strengthen relationships with vendors, groups, and individuals in the community who share an interest in a healthy planet and healthy relations between people and nations.

Specific Objectives of the Member Communications Committee:

Maintain newsletter, Twitter account, Facebook account, Display case, and website. Also send out notices of any event as required by the bylaws in a timely manner. Also develop a member education program.


Discussed at meeting:

Ensuring transparency in the operations of the co-op by creating and maintaining avenues of communication, creating trust between workers, members, …


After sleeping on this, I am finding that I feel resistant to the particular change in language “ensuring transparency”.

The way it was described in the meeting that I’m feeling uncomfortable with was that the committee would be a watchdog group. I had not considered this committee to be a watchdog group, but more of a conduit between members, employees and the board.

I do see the value of watchdog groups, which is why I guess I wasn’t really objecting to this idea at the meeting, but to me, the Communications Committee would take the position of making information available to anyone who wants it (including a watchdog group if it existed.) But generally speaking, I’m thinking of the Communications Committee as not filling that role.

What do others think of this?