Website Logins

I was thinking we should create a process around giving out logins to edit the website.

I apologize for jumping ahead on this, emailing the board on this topic before bringing it to the group. My thinking behind it was to get some answers to more logistical questions and then bring it to the group, but thinking on it further, it probably would have been best to bring it up here first.

So what do yall think of the idea of having a process around giving out website logins? As much as we want to be open, I don’t think it’s a good idea to give logins out without being sure everyone’s comfortable with who has logins. For instance, Jason and I have logins, but there’s no understanding in place as to what’s ok and what’s not in regards to using our logins. In groups I worked with in the past, there was a policy in place about this at the very least. At my work, there’s also a user agreement people have to sign before getting a login that just says they won’t share their login info with anyone else, etc. We could also add something like this to the process as a way of letting the user determine what level of responsibility they want and therefore what level of access they would need. But it could be “too much”- I totally see that side of it too. I guess I’d just like some thoughts/feelings on this before doing anything. I’m feeling like Beth in particular might want a login, but she hasn’t come out and asked probably because there’s nothing that’s been stated officially that website collaboration is open to new committee members.

Anyway, here is the email conversation with the board that has taken place thus far:

Genelle writes:

Hi Board!

I am writing you asking for guidance.. We need to put together a process as to adding website logins for anyone interested in joining the Member Communications Committee and working on the website, but I feel like I need to be sure people are members before giving out logins. So.. who do I ask about membership status when someone expresses an interest in a login? I’m thinking of having a signed agreement for people with logins maybe that would just verify intent and inform them of expectations, like don’t share your username/password with anyone else, log any changes you make here:, etc.

Also, so that yall know, Jason and I have admin passwords because we are going to have a hand in upgrades/major changes when needed. We deleted Gabe’s account. Judith Brooks, Chuck Lynd, someone named Robb and someone named Caroline also have logins. We didn’t know who they were but we made sure they were just “Subscribers” instead of Editors or Admins. Judith Brooks and Chuck are both Editors.

Thanks for your help.

Genelle Denzin

Molly writes:
Hi Genelle,

Thanks for contacting us regarding this. Gwen Uetrecht (Human Resources) is the “membership coordinator,” and she creates updated member lists. She is the best person for verifying member status. I also suggest that you ask her for membership expiration dates, and make sure people with website logins stay current on their renewals. The number of the Human Resources/Finance Office at the co-op is 268-4081. I will also pass her email address on to you.

Robb is the co-op’s “techie.” He was instrumental in programming the POS system, and remains the go-to person for tech support. Caroline is an employee of the co-op. I’m not sure why she would have a login while other employees don’t—she does not have administrative or managerial functions.

Thanks for all ya’lls work so far! I’m glad to see the changes to the website, and am grateful to have such capable, energetic members working on behalf of the market. Let me/us know what else you need along the way.


Molly writes again:

Follow up to my first msg:

The email address for gwen is

Hope I was able to answer your questions,

Jason writes:

Why isn’t Gwen using the email address that’s been setup for a while? Is it possible to get the passwords for the Gmail email addresses being used as official ccm email addresses?

- any other email addresses used for co-op business

The former GM had control over the address and now that the position is vacant and the password is not available, there could be important emails coming into that account that we do not have access to. The same thing could happen with the account if Gwen were to leave or be replaced.

Is it possible to get passwords to those accounts or forward all email in those accounts to email accounts (and begin transitioning away from the accounts) so that the co-op can control those email addresses rather than the individual’s in those positions controlling them?


Karen writes:

Good points, Jason!
To “older” board members…. Is there anything you can add to the understanding of this situation?

Ben and I are meeting with Gwen this afternoon…. I will ask the purpose of the gmail accounts, as opposed to the cm accounts, if no one has an objection.


Thanks for listening. I look forward to your ideas, etc.



My most recent response:

John – If you go to and type in (, you’ll see that Chuck is no longer the owner of Chuck was really great about helping me get the domain name transferred into a new Network Solutions, LLC account. So now, we … i.e. the co-op … has complete control over the domain name and the email addresses associated with the domain name.

I figured Gwen and Judith preferred the Gmail webmail system over the Fat Cow webmail system. Gmail is much better in many ways. It’s what we use for our email addresses! I have experience transitioning from systems like Fat Cow to what’s called Google Apps. Google Apps will allow anyone who has an email address to use the Gmail webmail system as if they were using a regular email account. I can make this switch relatively easily if that’s what everyone desires and there’s no extra cost to the co-op, i.e. it’s free.

As far as I can tell, there is no email forwarding set up via, which is where that type of forwarding would normally be set up. So, if they’re forwarding emails from to, it’s set up in a different way. I have an idea for how it’s being done, but would need access to their accounts in order to know for sure.

The Website Communications Committee is working on a proposal/recommendation to present to the board about this issue. You can join in or follow along here: Those of you already on the committee, please help me edit the recommendation.