UI: Asset Tool

Recent Assets Browser

Here is my first attempt at the asset browsing page. I am not really sure what types of information you guys are storing in your database for the images so I didn’t really know what the best options were for sorting / searching / labeling images. So I just sort of came up with some off the top of my head but I mean we can put whatever we want in there. Just let me know what you guys are thinking on this one.

Recent Files Browser

Here is also a first shot at the files browsing page. For consistency, it is set up similar to the photos browsing page. The icons are generic icons for placement only. As I understand it, this would be a place to go to see what is new and browse around, not necessarily the place to keep files specifically organized, and not the only place to access files. You could set this up to be able to pull by files sorted by group, all files (that the particular user would have access to), and sort further into most recent or by user. Of course, there are tons more possibilities with sorting, depending on your needs. Feel free to let me know about anything else that you believe should be on this page.

Recent Asset Display

Ok, first stab at the Asset Display. This is what you would see after you have selected a file/photo from the browser.

IA: Current UI elements

  • Download / Upload
  • Versioning (History)
  • Info section
  • Asset Display (JPG representation if it is a document)
  • Resizing: Small, Medium, Large
  • Comments
  • Delete
  • Regenerate

Notes: Asset Display

Took a look at Gullery, Boxroom and Flickr- taking main influence from Flickr, especially with regards to resizing and the display of information.

The current functionality is inluded in the new version with these added:

  • Simple edit feature for images (crop, rotate). This doesn’t appear necessary or worth the trouble for documents.
  • Caption option
  • Resizing option to the original size (photos only)
  • Add to Gallery (photos only)

Am I understanding correctly that a JPG representation would be produced in the case that this is a document instead of a photo? In the history section, I thought it may be simpler to just have a little icon to delete previous versions. I assume only someone with admin privileges or the person that uploaded the file would have access to delete. At the top of the “asset”, I put the functions like “download,” “upload,” “resize,” etc. I also added “edit,” I saw someone mentioned that this might be a nice thing to have, like cropping for example, for simplicity or for the less tech-savvy. Obviously, you could easily take out or add other stuff there.




Dennis: thanks for this -

Recent Asset Display comment

  • when the file is a photo it needs to have UI for adding to a gallery
  • i like having all the control in one place. in the first comp here they are very small – they should not be intrusive, but they need to be more obvious.
  • i don’t think we need to show access within the content section, each page already has this info on the right
  • the bottom text is a bit cramped where it says who created it (fyi: we will probably be moving to a page ui soon that will have a standardize place for this info)
  • what does this look like when the file being uploaded is a document. we can preview the front page, but we will probably want to make the preview not so big. what happens in that case to the controls on top.

yes yes!


Alrighty Dan, so if I am understanding, the “groups” section on the right side bar actually shows what groups the photos or files belong to? I thought it was showing the groups pertaining to the user that is logged in. Makes sense, I can take the “groups this JPG belongs to:” out.

While I am on that topic, I can go ahead and fix the info text under the photo, make it less cramped for now, until the standardized place for the info is worked out, if that makes sense.

I will add the UI for adding to a gallery and make the asset controls more obvious.

As far as how this would look if the file were a document, I would say that the resizing controls would go away, I don’t really see a need for them, since you wouldn’t be able to read it anyway. An “edit” function seems like it would be too much of a hassle due to the many different kinds of documents. The controls would be pretty simple, just “download” and “upload.” Unless there is something else that you think is needed. It definitely makes sense that an image of the document would not need to be as big as a photo. I can do a comp of how a document would look, as well.


sounds good. looking forward.


Added some notes and current IA info. New mock ups soon.


New comps added, with a separate view for photo and file display.

  • “Groups” section taken out of content
  • Info section made less cramped
  • Asset controls made a bit larger and blue to match the other links and to pop out a little more

these be looking good dennis. My only feedback at this point is cosmetic and dealing with how certain things are displayed… however, that shall be addressed during the real design phase.