UI Changes: left and right sidebars

Nick has begun working on css changes. He has been added as a dev in autistici and will be checking in changes in the next few days. This is what he will be working on.

Right “Page” Sidetab

  • peep the attachment. this is a start by nick at coding the right nav.
    • i think it would be cool eventually to have the option of displaying the attachments as a mini-gallery at the top of the page. you click on the thumbnail and it expands. this could be sooo useful.
  • instead of many little tabs, combine into one tab with sections.
  • currently, when you need to add contributors it jumps to another page. when you want to send notifications, it tries to display the little UI in the sidebar. It would be better to have something in between: a popup UI that would be part of the same page but somehow extended beyond the narrow confines of the sidebar. i don’t have any good ideas about what this would look like.
  • it would be cool if you could collapse the sidebar entirely. i don’t know if this would be a global setting for everyone, a setting for your session, for all pages for that session, or if it would remember forever the state you set the sidebar for that particular page.
  • the ui for stuff like adding a star should be more clear. right now, if you have starred a page, this is only indicated by a star with a negative sign and the text that lets you know it can be removed. if you star a page, there should be a star somewhere! same with inbox and pending and (eventually) watching.

Left “Navigation” Sidetab

  • current lay or land and proposed changes. See below for my suggestions.
  • left nav and inbox nav mockups
  • My proposed Left Nav U (we need a better clarification of “the hopper” vs inbox vs ?)
    • My Pages (all below) – the remove from inbox would become remove from “my pages”
      • unread/notified (after they are read they can be viewed by clicking “My Pages”
      • the hopper (there will have to be a right nav action added for this “put page in the hopper”)
        • pages i am working on (in the hopper).
        • pending for me
      • i’ve starred it, aka of interest.
      • created and updated by me within a time frame

Navigating a series of pages

(new features need to be added before this will work. not simply a UI change at the moment)

Extension of the inbox nav mockup above. This would let you move to previous and next pages whenever you where on a page. So if you were in pages that were in starred section, in the hopper, pages in your updated and created by me section, or if you were accesses a page from the group landing page or archive you could move through these pages without going back to the pages lists for each section.


i am generally in favor of moving toward a more itunes-like sidebars, but i don’t like its vomit color. I much prefer the current sidebar color of a very light grey.

one other thing to think about when contemplating a new sidebar: it would be cool if there was some way to customize the color theme of the sidebar without making it unusable or ugly.