UI: Moderation Pop Up and Display

Pop Up

Moderation Panel Display

We are doing a hulu style rollover box

  • reason for flagging
  • who flagged
  • comment

Round 3

only change: info icon closer to title

1 comment 3 comments

Round 2

1 comment 3 comments

Round 1

1 (square) 2 (rounded) 3 (no comment)
4 (bg colors mimic page header1) 5 (bg colors mimic page header2) 6 (long format) 7 (long, no comment)

meghana, nice, thanks for these. i talked to kclair, here are some comments.

  • i like long version, but kclair pointed out this will be a problem since more then one user can flagg, and comment. so lets go with the short version, but minimize / or remove the big “flagged post” title. its a little redundant.
  • rollover popup doesnt stand out enough against background – i like hulus black border and greyish background
  • i like the little flags at the top :)
  • not a fan of rounded corners for these, but dont really care so much either way.
  • as per prior conversation, there should be a little link or icon at the beginning of the row that says, “details” – just so its super clear where to get this info from.

agreed with daniel about moving “details” from the box to the listing.

daniel: just don’t use firefox and you won’t see the rounded corners ;-)


looking good! i like the icon in its own column. it should be closer aligned to the title.


where can i get these icons?


here you go: we.riseup.net/cgdev+ui/icons
flags are from the mini set, info icon is from the silk set.