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what has to be done next to implement a calendar in cg?

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Discussion in task comments is a bit hidden:

said abie: The greenchange project added some calendering features to their crabgrass fork. Does this do what we want?

says kardan: where can I find this?

search these links: Looks like the bulk of the code to backport is collected here:

elijah gave a hint as well:

well, wrote a bunch of calendaring code. it would be good to figure to where that is and how well it is working and get it back into the main development branch.

maybe the code is here?:


devin said that the hyperactive rails cms that uk indymedia has been working on has an awesome events calendar.


this is an old one, let’s get on with it

see the committe wiki for a current research


i think we need to get rid of this committee and move all the info into the network, tagged calendar.


Is this the latest comunication on calendar funktions? This was 10 years ago. Or was this project moved to an other place?