Crabgrass Install OS X

Leopard: Setup Your Computer

port install tiff -macosx  #disables the linkage with Apple's open gl
port install ImageMagick

If you don’t have port already installed on your system, you’ll need to go to and install that before proceeding.

You only need to run db:test:prepare the first time you run tests and then each time the db schema changes.

Install Options for Image Preview (not working)
You need abiword and graphicmagick for this.
Graphic Magic Download:
Graphic Magic Config:
Abiword Install:

then install crabgrass


Thanks! I forwarded the page link, and pasted the info, to our imc tech, who is building our site on phpcake and plans on seamlessly integrating crabgrass into the design.

a question (probably deserves to be on features):

Once crabgrass is released will there be a way to receive updates from the core crabgrass team and community contributors, like with ubuntu and any other operating systems/cms? This, I would imagine, would be akin to new and updated features, security upgrades and other more significant upgrades.


I see the changes, will forward that text to Dylan asap.


This doesn’t work for me, maybe it is outdated? Iam using the codebase that is avialble via git.
When I start to migrate the database I get:
rake aborted!
no such file to load — packet


I had to blank out the 000_run_migrations_marker.rb in order to do an initial import (running fully-patched OSX 10.5 install).

After that, things appear (so far) to be running fine.


I just had the error

rake aborted!
no such file to load — packet

when installing crabgrass from scratch on a ubuntu 9.10 following the Crabgrass documentation with the instruction
rake db:schema:load

Installing the packet gem with

gem install packet
bypass this error. Got same king of error with compass gem but i could bypass it with same gem installation.

Now i’m stuck with

rake aborted!
no such file to load -- susy
but i couldn’t install a susy gem.