Development updates - October 2014 to March 2015

Updates of the development push in the northern hemisphere winter of 2014, 2015

Almost there

The test server is up and running for a while now and various people have already tried it out. So now it’s time to open it for a broader audience. Please help us make sure the transition to the new crabgrass will be as smooth as possibe by trying it out now.


If everything is smooth taggart will rebuild the new server in about a week and then we will migrate to use it.




Testing is going really smooth. I’m about to merge the last fixes for bugs in the code. Elijah has a ui upgrade to bootstrap 3 almost ready. We still want to include that. So the release of 0.6.1 will take a few days still.

The test server is still up and running. Feel free to chime in. We will take it down for the rebuild this weekend though. If things work out we’ll start using it next week.


Bootstrap 3 will land soon. But we’ll have another two weeks of testing before the final deploy. That way we make sure everyone is around at that time to fix things that might come up. And it also gives us a bit of time to announce.


New user interface based on bootstrap 3

Elijah finished the new user interface. A few tweaks are remaining but it’s already way better than ever before. :)

New server might run on latest debian ‘Jessie’

Micah upgraded the test server to the new debian release ‘Jessie’ which will hopefully be released this week. There are a few issues with the new apache 2.4 right now but it seems feasible to fix them. The new debian will bring ruby 2.1.5 to the server which is supposed to reduce response times by 20%. Also it still receives security updates in contrast to ruby 1.9.3 which we were using before.

bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes

Even though the list is shrinking and the bugs are less severe there are still plenty of small things for me to fix. So that’s what i am doing right now.

I hope we’ll be done testing the new debian version soon and can move to the new server. fingers crossed


The new server is up and running. will use it any time soon. Looking forward to hear your feedback.


Hey glad to see the new version live!