Feature: VPN functionality

Is it possible and / or wanted to integrate VPN functions for groups?

As I feel the external page to enter bug reports / feature requests is not the right place for discussion I hope this is the right place:

A while ago I stumbled across a promising solution for setting up virtual networks between trusted groups of people called socialvpn. There are few good things about this approach: You can easily setup an encrypted virtual LAN between the people trusting each other and run whatever applications you want on top of it. It is making use of P2P technology and thus not relying on big servers to tunnel the traffic trough. Read more on socialvpn.wordpress.com/about

Encryption in this case is end-to-end, using public keys of the participants. There is a reference implementation making use of facebook as a directory of the people you have trust relations with and their public keys. And that, in my eyes, is the weak point of the whole thing. Because you have to trust facebook to be available, not changing interfaces,… for the net to keep on working. Now I did not look at the sources so far but I think and the guys write on their page that it should be possible to adapt this to other social directories like GC.

What do you think of this possibility? In my eyes VPNs can be really handy to share ressources and work together in a secure manner. And GC for me would be the platform of choice to act as a directory….


this should be easy to implement. we already have the ability to upload your gpg public key (although this key is not yet displayed in your profile). all that is needed is a stable url for fetching someone’s key.

Am i missing something? what else is needed?