Group Directory Old

this has been captured on the new directories page

Adrian and Abie have been talking about and working on a Group Directory

Here are some notes:

Why would I look at the group directory?

  • I want to find a specific group
    • Maybe I don’t remember the name exactly
  • I want to join a group but i dont know which one
    • Is the group open to membership requests.
    • What is the group
    • Where
    • What issue
  • I want to learn about the existence of a group of some sort
    • Geographic View/Search: I want to find a group near me
    • Issue based View/Search: I want to locate group working on an issue that I’m interested in
    • I want to find a group near me thats working on a similar issue to mine.
    • I want to find groups that are willing to work in a confederated network :)
  • I want to see statistics on how groups are doing
    • when was there last activity in the group
    • what are the most active public groups generally and by location
    • Are things going really well with a group? – how is this measured?
    • Are things going really badly? – how is this measured?
  • I want to see if crabgrass is doing well, or if “the movement” is doing well (on crabgrass)
    • New public pages could be interesting for answering many of these questions

Notes from Feb Dev meeting


azul flcho – if you can come up with an idea how to make that more clear or so – we’re open for proposals ;)

flcho there is now way of making the committee not display as a group in the my groups list?
hehehe oki

azul flcho, the problem is if you are ONLY a member of the committee not the group…
you’d want it displayed for sure.

flcho argh!
and we cant check if a user is a member only of the committee not the parent group?

azul So it might be confusing if it disappears once you enter the group.

flcho well
it could display the same way as now
with the group and committees indented

azul It’s hard to find a good policy here. Right. that would be an idea.

flcho but for people just members of the committee, not the group, the group would be greeyd out
the committee would be displaying in color normally, or something like that