New Bugs / Reporting Bugs

We are tracking bugs with gitlab. You can see the list of reported issues at:

Please note that you MUST be logged into gitlab to report a bug (sorry), but you can easily register to to this here:

Do NOT report bugs on this page or as comments to this page . Please. Really. Thanks.


Guess I’m in the same boat with henning.


Hi folks, please be aware that this page is no longer in use and instead you should report bugs here instead!


the full link above gives me a 404 error. it seems to have been a link to a query of bugs, not a place to add them. the link to add a bug is

a friend who is a crabgrass user just asked me about this. should i tell a random user to get a redmine account? that seems like excessive overhead. is there a good place for users to request features/tell about bugs that doesn’t require them to login? we could have a CG wiki where users can post bugs/feature requests, and folks with redmine accounts could periodically remove items from the wiki and add them to redmine (if they seem reasonable).
i know this is extra work, but it could be good to have a way for random users to give input without registering for a redmine account. i could potentially move bugs over, but maybe it makes more sense for somebody currently involved in development.

at the very least, the ‘request a feature’ and ‘report a bug’ links at the footer of CG pages should probably be clearer.

sorry if this discussion is happening elsewhere. & i know that CG is in alpha or pre-beta stage, so i don’t think any of these are necessary, but it could help development if there isn’t excessive overhead for users to report bugs. However, given that development is so active currently, maybe the overhead is fine.


I have a possible bug.
I can’t put my PGP Public Key, when I copy it to the box in the profile and click Save, all the changes are saved except the PGP Public Key, it stills in blank.



Link on page gets Error 500


rrbd57, thanks. I updated the links. We are now using a new system.