Scrum and Crabgrass Dev


This is the most useful Link

10 min wrap up of the actual techniques used.

This is a google talk. over 1hr. terrible gender roles, and interesting look into corporate culture.

Deployment Flaws:

Scrum and Crabgrass Dev

Crabgrass development uses the agile meathodoly and actually has a lot of the ideas that scrum suggests. Scrum process adoption could tighten up the dev process, as well as allow a new devs and old to have clarity regarding dev practice.

Crabgrass Scrummy

  • BDD and testing all the fucking time:
    • All issues will be told as user stories, and kept under 4hrs of dev time per issue.
    • All new dev will come with tests
  • client subprojects in redmine for client clarity
  • short sprints (1 – 2 weeks)
  • clear coding standards
  • clear specification of the dev work via wires, designs, clear feature lists, and cucumber tests prior to development.
  • end of sprint reviews: each sprint will be like a mini release. fully QA-ed and ready to go.
  • sprint selection: the beginning of each sprint requires selecting issues for the week with the client and making sure that the hours in the week match the estimated hours of the new issues.

tracker dedicated to scrum:


I just started using pivotal tracker a week ago and I think guys from pivotal labs did a great job!
Did you check out mingle by any chance? Not to use it but just to get some inspiration…
I really like the visual aspects of it especially pipelines in cruise =)