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Updated by mcnair 2009-01-02

oooh, nice. my comments:

  • what do you think about making the tag cloud visible?
  • to speed up page loading time, could we do a thing where the chat window is read only (and does not dynamically refresh without reloading the page) but then if you click on it then the chat window becomes dynamic and live?
  • the top menu does not have a visual indication that what we are looking at is a group. is that intentional?
  • we had talked about making the cloud tag visible, but not exactly sure where best to put it. also i think they are kinda dumb :) – well at least not homepage material, but i might be the minority, people like them.
  • speeding up the page: i wondered how heavy all this will be. chat solution sounds like its worth a try. it would be nice if you were sitting on the page to have an indication that new messages are pending.
  • yeah, it should be made clear that we are looking at a group.

what determines which members/committees/networks are shown?

if i wanted a group with some text area wiki stuff, any ideas how that might be in the mix?

  • members / committees / network: i think the pull would be based on either activity or totally random. My feeling is the pull of people should be random, so you get an interesting selection each time, but the pull of networks and committees would be based on levels of activity, the top 4 most active of each would be displayed – diversity of committees and networks i think is less interesting then which ones are active.
  • Group wiki: We need this, but maybe not on the front page. Perhaps there should be a link to Page Indexes, or table of contents – not sure how this will be needed once collections are implemented.
  • Text area wiki: what other uses besides TOC would this area serve? i’ve seen people use the group wiki for describing the group – in this wireframe that goes int he about section. what else might it be used for?

pull of networks and committees would be based on levels of activity

my question is this? what exactly defines level of activity and how is that recorded in the database?


??my question is this? what exactly defines level of activity??

I think we could get pretty complex with this but, what about just having activity for groups, networks and committees be based on new and update page counts.

Activity Variables

  • # of new pages
  • # of update pages
  • # of times committee / network landing page is visited per week
  • amount of time an individual stays within group or network pages.

Popularity Variables

  • # of new members per x (rate)
  • # of members
  • # of groups in network

Regarding the top “Featured Content” area: Like the idea of featured content, but what happens if a group is new (no content), or it was primarily a work-group (only want to view shared information)? Also, this area takes up too much prime real estate on the page, unless the information there is super relevant to the group.

Could the functionality of “Edit Group” allow moderators and group-leaders choose what they want to be shown on their Group Dashboard? So – be able to remove the Featured content area if they wanted.

When a group is new, or when members first join a group, perhaps there should be some actionable text to help users navigate the page…“Do this, look here, check this out” in place of the Featured Content. After a few days, this text could revert to Featured content.

Concerned that there is no “About this Group” on the dashboard.

Some indication of what the group is about (Type/Category/What network it belongs to) can be added.

After a few more wireframes are created, it would useful to create some use cases and ask people to go through a series of tasks.


it might be hard to have a landing page that will work for all groups. i think it is a very good idea to think about what a group landing page will look for a brand new group. it shouldn’t look too lonely…


oooh, the text formatting library just changed, it looks there are some weird bugs still.



  • what are they, how is data models
  • how do you make them? – are they pages?
  • how do you determine who makes them? – super admins, and group admins.

Featured content

  • assuming only one thing is featured at a time
  • how do you flag content as featured.
    • check box on every page for featured?
    • edit group profile (public or private)


  • link that reads something like " Create a TOC for your group"
  • maybe below the fold – where rss feed is now.

Members, Committees and Networks

  • member display are random and change (how often?)
  • committees and networks displayed by most active.
  • activity score can be generated every night
  • activity = # of pages updated last week.

Group Chat (low priority)

  • cache every hour
  • click to on box becomes live

Collections at bottom

  • how to display wikibook, or forums? icon, mini-feed?

thoughts on collections at the bottom, what is displayed?

  • photo gallery is easy – it shows a photo
  • wiki and forum, what should display there?
    • cloud tag
    • stats about the collection – # of participants, number of pages, number of topics, # of images.

v3 looking good – i dont have much to say in the in the way of changes right now – nice work!