Oh No....Oh Fuck....Here we go! part 2.

I felt pain, sharp and stinging, as his dick ripped open my asshole. “SHIT!!” That hurt! Oh man, hara coulda heard me. Cody grinned from behind me, I just knew he was. Opening my eyes I saw dark lust filled brown ones, her hands went to my hair and pulled me down by it, her lips taking mine in a brutal kiss. I no longer cared if my friend heard me, incessant moaning came from my mouth, well the moans tried to. Her soft lips and biting teeth made me moan, but when I felt Cody pick up his pace in my ass, I fucking lost it.
Fuck me good, Damnit! Fuck me harder! I wanna be a slut tonight, I’m your slave today, just fuck me good. Fuck me hard, take me, damnit! Now! Please, Oh My God!" His fucking never once slowed, and he soon came in my ass, filling it with cum. His ragged breathing reminded me and Hailey that we needed to breath and we broke our long open mouth kiss to breath. I felt her bend down and her face come at my cunt, she blew on it and hot water hit me. I felt her tongue reach out and lick at the folds and I begged her lowly, just over the water and heavy breathing, “Please…Oh God…Please…Lick me, Please.”
I finally felt her tongue reach out and lick my cunt, swirling around my clit and pulling at my lower lips with her teeth, I felt a half hard dick pushing at my ass again. Cody had to hold me up while Hailey tongue fucked me, I was in pure bliss. When I felt her bite my clit lightly, I almost screamed, but settled for a very hoarse whisper, " I’m Cumming!" I felt the familiar heat and let everything go, I came hard and I knew it! I went limp and Cody had to hold me up, looking at my blonde lover I moaned at the site of my cum on her face, the water was washing it away quickly, but we got to share a long kiss. Her tongue mingled with mine and Cody groaned at the site, knowing not every man gets to see something or feel something this hot.
I heard a gasp and looked over at my naked black friend, we had broken the kiss. She still hadn’t found out I was Bi-Sexual yet, and I was sure this looked horribly bad. I couldn’t help but take a quick intake of her body, black skin, but not dark as she’s Chinese as well, full lips, dark eyes, and a curvy well proportioned body, damn. Looking behind her I took in the much darker male, his well muscled arms wrapped around her waist and a strong face, muscled black legs and from what I could see a huge black dick. I laughed nervously, Hailey waved and giggled, and Cody shrugged with a content xxxhuub.com smile on his face. I wanted to hit them both for taking the situation lightly! My God I have never been so embarrassed.
I was probably red in the face and I felt the male’s eyes roam my body, I wasn’t sure if My friend was looking or looking away in disgust. I thought about what we must look like. A curly browned haired chick in between a curvy blonde and a slightly muscled black haired male, I sighed and struggled out of the sandwich they had me in. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body, it was a short black towel. Cody followed and whispered in my ear, “We’re not done fucking, bitch.” I loved when he talked to me like I was dirt, even though I know he doesn’t mean it. He wrapped a blue towel around his waist and looked at the blonde, I noticed she was eyeing my friend Sahara and almost jumped on her.