Aspiring actress - Chelsea's story part 4 Robs dillema

Keira was the first to move, she started to move towards her pile of clothes, heaping then up in her hands close to her chest, hoping to call Micheal’s bluff, but he didn’t even acknowledge her movement. She paused contemplated her life changing decision then finally dropped the pile and hit send on the phone.
There you bastard," she threw the phone at Micheal as she took her position between his legs, directing his flaccid cock into her mouth. Micheal simply smiled.
Chelsea was trembling, surely Rob wouldn’t do anything to her, she had the job now, she would be famous, she could pay Rob enough to never need to work. Hell she’d even let him fuck her one more time when noone else was around if it made him happy, no way though was anyone sticking anything in her ass. Answers to her questioned soon followed though, she couldn’t help but gasp as she felt the 8inch dildo withdraw, then push deep inside one more time, the wetness inside her even more obvious from the noises her pussy made. As it left her body completely she felt a sudden rush of air shoot up inside her and the familiar feeling of a river running out of her hole down towards her clit.
Rob positioned himself behind her, he wanted to fuck his sister badly but didn’t like the idea of another man’s cum in his mouth, still now faced with the beautiful exposed pussy in his face he closed his eyes and let his tongue catch the mixture of juices coming out, his tongue hit her clit, causing little gasps from his sis, he swallowed the first mouthful, a mixture of sweet and salty, he soon discovered the more Chelsea moaned the more the sweet taste of her overpowered the salty stringy texture of the old man. His tongue explored, her pussy really was swollen, it had been used so much the last 72 hours. He allowed himself to flick his tongue up to her ass. Chelsea involuntarily shook and gasped, the 2nd time her ass had been licked today and her body loved it! It was all the encouragement Rob had needed he continued to run his tongue from her clit, all the way to her ass which he felt push against him each time. It wasnt long until all Rob could taste was his sisters juices both her holes were sodden, slippy with cum and saliva. He stood up and turned to show Micheal who was still being serviced by Keira, his cock showing signs of life but still not hard, she was trying her best though.
Micheal smiled,