On May 3rd, representatives of corporate energy and politics will be meeting in London at the UK Energy Summit.

They want to keep on profiteering from fuel poverty, climate change and trashing the planet.

We can’t let them.

Come and take the power back!

Join us in London for a day of direct action against corporate control and for energy democracy.

Twitter: Follow @CJ_Collective and use the hashtag #big6bash
Facebook event page: Click here


Be in central London on Thursday 3rd May.

Be ready to go at 11am.

Your day of action, and your initial meeting place, will be shaped by the bloc you join. Choose from:

Dirty energy, dirty basslines and dirty business. Get down and dirty with us as we trash the planet in style!

For warm homes and community control. Join this bloc if you want to turn up the heat in your homes and turn up the heat on the greedy energy companies…

Join our merry band as we take the power from the Big Six Energy Barons, and give it back to the people.

A family-friendly bloc for a future free from fossil fuels. As climate change threatens life on earth, join this bloc if you think that the Big Six Energy Dinosaurs are the ones that ought to face extinction. Come prepared to demonstrate the colour and creativity of the democratic, fair and clean alternatives to the prehistoric energy companies’ fuels and thinking…

Sign up to a bloc and to get SMS text alerts about meeting places and action plans here: INSERT SMS SIGN-UP LINK

Keep up to date by following @CJ_Collective on Twitter.


Banners and colour
Food and drink
Big chalks
Music, samba rhythms and sound systems
Outdoor games
Your mates


People not Profit

We want to end the stranglehold that the Big Six energy
companies have on energy in this country. Corporate control
of energy is unfair, insanely short sighted, and always puts
profits ahead of the needs of people and our environment:
the Big Six’s profiteering is killing thousands in the UK each
winter through fuel poverty, and millions across the world
through climate change.

Climate Justice

The Big Six energy companies, hand in hand with the
government, and pushed by the mentality of growth
capitalism, are destroying the climate and the lives of millions
of people around the world. Climate justice means that those
who have caused climate change should take responsibility
for stopping it.

Energy Democracy

There is an alternative. It is down to ordinary people to take
action against corporate control and create an affordable,
sustainable, community-controlled energy system. We all
have the right to access to clean energy.


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