The 12 sentences

At Space for Change, 12 sentences were agreed on that summed up what we were trying to achieve.

  1. Empowering, supporting and amplifying local struggles based on their needs and wishes.
  2. Using a diversity of tactics.
  3. Holding events that use collective creativity and encourage free expression.
  4. Promoting environmental issues, sustainability and climate justice.
  5. Challenging the cuts agenda.
  6. Promoting radical solutions.
  7. Being flexible to accomodate arising issues and respond within capacity.
  8. Organisng events schedule with and around local groups/campaigns.
  9. Travelling as light as possible.
  10. A framework to ensure sustainability.
  11. Outreaching to activist networks.

do we take anti-authoritarianism, consensus-based, non-hierarchical organising as a given? i personally feel it’d be nice to have something here about that, but that could just be me…


Check out criteria for events for that kind of thing.


Do we take on CC’s 4 main aims, the only thing that has held solid and widely supported in CC.

Sustainable living
Movement building

Not every event would have to contain all 4, but as a whole they could remain as principles. In retrospect ’movement building is a bit unclear, I guess in the early days people meant CC by the movement, in effect it has been the broader radical movement, perhaps we could amend it?