Frequently Asked Questions

This content is collected from comment threads where users have asked questions that have been answered by Crabgrass developers or other interested people. For the sake of conveying information concisely some content has been edited for readability.

General Questions

I have questions regarding riseup mail …

These FAQ are about Crabgrass, the software running on For questions about riseup mail please have a look at the email help.

Is there any possibility to back up data stored in crabgrass?

Backups can only be made by copying the data by hand or programing a crawler. 1 2 3 4


Differences between versions

Is the poll Features to bring back in new crabgrass version an “official” poll launched by devs ?

The poll is fairly official.

Featured pages were useful : do you plan to keep them?

I think we’ll bring back a similar functionality like featured pages at some point. Not necessarily a priority now though.1

Will ‘Surveys’ come back?

the type of vote where you can create fixed answers to one or more questions
‘Surveys’ will come back in a slightly different form. We probably want to reduce the complexity a lot.1

Where is the chat room?

We found that writing a usable and secure chat application is hard and not something we can just add on top of crabgrass.1



Is there a way to delete private messages?

Only for your own messages at the moment. You have to reload the page after clicking on Delete. 1

Privacy & Security

How can I use over tor?

Riseup provides a .onion address for so it also can be accessed as a hidden service. See over tor for more information.

How can I use without javascript?

See without javascript


Great that there is an FAQ page now!
I think including links to the original questions and answers might be useful for people who are looking for more detailed information and for traceability in future.


Yes, I like the idea of linking the page the Q&A was pulled from, I will make it point to include that from now on when I add something. It would be great to have the Q&A happening in this comment thread and then the FAQ content would just need to be organized into the wiki on this same page.


I’ve added links to most questions and answers now using subscripted numbers because they don’t need much space and can easily be distinguished from footnotes (superscripted).
What do you think about putting a link to this page on the user feedback homepage?


Thanks for updating the links to the comment page for the original questions!

I think it would be very helpful to link here from User Feedback.


I am trying to add my new riseup email account to my iPhone, but I do not know what to put in some of the categories. Can you list all the data I need? Do I need to be more specific about what I need?


The Group ‘All About Crabgrass’ and these FAQ are about Crabgrass, the software running on and are not the same. For questions about riseup mail please have a look at the email help (→ Email ClientsiOS Mail).


Wow. I am really impressed with the footnote like links with text on hovering over them. Super useful. Thanks a lot for compiling this.


cannot find

How to export stuff from here for local backup/implementation purposes? For example a wiki?

is there an easy way to set up crabgrass?
is there a tutorial to an easy way to set up crabgrass?


first: The pages over tor and without javascript are not yet made public (I don’t know why). But they are available to all members of the group user feedback, where you can easily join.

second: This is really a frequently asked question. As far as I know there is no way but copying it by hand or programing a crawler. I will add the question and link the answers I found in the FAQ

third: I’m sorry, but I can’t answer this question.


I don’t think that there is an easy way to install crabgrass. The only doc i know about it in on the public repository:


Thank you two.

Joined the group and made them public- after all its a useful ressource.
To the crawler: I would be happy if anyone who happens to have a crabgrass crawler makes it public here and shares it with others.

Thanks for the link


for anyone trying the method to back up as seen in the comments here:

I let it run for quite a while because it looked like even after 15 minutes it still fetched some of the documents from our group-
but my folder is now 3gb big and includes all different kind of groups, not only the one I wanted.
I was only interested in the group pages so I just downloaded 3gb to extract maybe 10mb of text.
I now have all kind of Information about all different kind of groups and users I would have never thought to search for here.

did use
wget —load-cookies cookies.txt -Erkp -np


@jagaia Am I understanding you to say that you backed up groups that did not belong to you?


@pedro2k, @jagaia, giving the options you probably crawled all of (the parts you could access) starting from the group landing page.
-l 1 (like limit) – will limit the number of links wget follows.

But you can also be more precise. Here’s a backup tool meitar recently wrote:

It basically uses the same approach. But it’s quite good in filtering out only the stuff specific to one group. It will also leave out committees of that group. So you have to run it once for the parent group and then for all of its committees you want to include.


Ah, nice. Thank you azul, will try this out


Is there a way to hide an Organization within a Network for all users that ar not part of that Organization.

I.E. hide it from network members?


Another one: How does a Group leave a Network? Can’t find it….


Hey. i’m trying to get my organisation to move to crabgrass. I have a couple of questions/remarks, I don’t know where to ask… So here they are :
- for the Ballot page, on a smartphone/tablet, I can’t move the proposition. Is it just me or is it an actual problem ?
- is there way to get notifications for every new page created on a group ? for every mail received ?




Hey Jim,

About the new pages per group… I would like to add this. Haven’t gotten to it yet.

I’m not sure what you mean with “for every mail received”.

About the ballot page – sorry, can’t investigate that for the lack of a smartphone / tablet. Can someone else try please?


Thanks for your answer. For the email, i meant the private messages…

Thanks for the job your doing !


Ah… I see. So email notifications for private messages. Sounds good. I’ll put it on my list – but i can only dedicate a very limited amount of time to crabgrass right now. So please be patient. Thanks!


I want to collaborate on a spreadsheet with my group. Is there a way to do that in the Wiki? I’m afraid of having to many different versions if we just keep uploading different work on the same page. I guess I want it less like file sharing and more like googledoc style cloud computing. Any ideas?


Is there anyway to make folders (activities, finances, etc.) and post pages in them? Were a group with different comittees…

And yeah, the last question about the spreadsheet could be very useful for me too.


There’s no folder. You may use tag or Committees to group pages.


Hi dears!
is it possible, to delete versions? We have some (older) with clear names und would like to get rid of them …
Thanks for your work on crabgrass and all! :-)


I don’t think you could delete wiki versions.


hey, i didn’t see an answer to this anywhere:

How does a Group leave a Network?


I have the Same Question:
How does a Group leave a Network?


hey there, i couldn’t find out whether or not there is a special app for crabgrass on smartphones… i guess that’s a no but could anyone confirm this?


Yes there is no mobile app for crabgrass, I can confirm this.