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Here you can control your personal interaction with the page by starring it or marking it as pending. You can send the page to other users, destroy it, or remove it from your inbox view. The later only removes the page from your inbox view, it does Not destroy the page
By clicking the icon (not the user or group) you can grant or remove access to a page. You can also see who has participated (read and or contributed) in the page.
This one is fairly obvious. Contributing entails adding to the page. Reading the page does not list you as a contributor.
Here you modify, remove or add tags. Tags are a way to categorize pages based on user defined categories. You will be able to browse and search for pages based on their tags.

A small question, i’ve not tried this out yet, I was wondering WHO has permissions to DESTROY a page? Can a newly joined group member go around deleting all the pages created by the group? Or does the permission system for this work the same as permissions for destroying the group as a whole?


wow, this page is really out of date.

there are three levels of access: coordinator, participant, and viewer. If a group has coordinator access, then everyone in that group can destroy the page. if you want to provide access to a page, but you don’t want people to be able to destroy it, don’t give that group coordinator access.

in the future, we will have two additional things (which are working, but there is no ui for it yet):

  • deleting pages will simply hide them, and you can undelete them later
  • some groups can have ‘admins’ who are the only ones who can do certain things (like add new members).


I know that page is hugelly outdated, but I’m working in a crabgrass/we tutorial in brazilian portuguese and have no clue on what the “mark with a star” feature really do… Someone can help me with that? I know that mark a page/comment with a star is like saying “I apreciated that content”, but this do anything more? There a way to view all the things you marked with a star? You can search for the things you published and are marked with stars?

Thanks in advance,


hey marcus, i have wondered the same thing. i came to the conclusion that at this point it seems to serve no function. you can’t search for it. i just posted a user guide PDF i made up to the group; i didn’t even bother mentioning it. maybe it was something they intended to use at some point and never got around to it.


Oi Marcus, é isso ai mano! A estrela significa que a pessoa que realizou um ótimo comentário!
The star means the person who made a great review!


Aunt Emma, thanks for your answer! It’s a shame that this feature don’t are searcheable or something like that – but the Riseup people already do so much amazing things, we can’t complain on a minor thing like that.

vertov rox. valeu pela resposta. Eu imaginei que seria isso, mas quis dar uma conferida pra que quando o tutorial estiver pronto (só daqui há algum tempo considerável, tô ocupado com estudos e trabalhos) as coisas estejam bem completas por lá.


Hi everybody,
is it possible to show the available tags on the left of the pages dashboard ? I’ve sorted the wiki pages of my group with different tags but I would like the other members to access these different categories of pages easily… (actually, it’s only possible by typing the full name of the tag).
Thank you!


I can’t see a sidbar on my profile page. How can I get it visible?