Page Types

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Asset Tool

You can upload assets (.doc, .png, .pdf, etc) to share with people in your groups.
There is currently a 3MB size limit per asset.

Decision Making Tools

Making decisions in an inclusive and transparent way can be an organization’s greatest challenge. Future Crabgrass development will focus on this problem. Currently we have one tool to aid decision-making.

Straw Poll: A series of options, where each option can be rated individually. The results are color coded. There is no winner, but you can visually see which options have garnered the most positive and least negative responses. Features include:

  • creation of multiple choices and each person can rate each choice.
  • page becomes pending if a new choice is added.
  • page becomes resolved if you have made a selection for each choice.

The Ballot: A ranked voting tool. It lets you create a series of possibilities and then people rank them in order or preference. It then finds the winnner(s) using Condorcet method with Cloneproof Schwartz Sequential Dropping—it is like instant running voting that doesn’t suck.


This is a simple, highly editable discussion board.


An event consists of a title, a location, a starts at time and date, an ends at time and date, a description of the event, and if the event repeats or not.

Private Messaging

Users can send private messages directly to other users.

Task List

A list of todo items. Features include:

  • reorder tasks in list
  • move tasks between lists
  • assign tasks to individuals
  • comment on tasks
  • mark task completed when done.


A collaborative writing space. Features include:

  • versioning: you can view a list of prior edits
  • formatting: when you edit a wiki there is a link on the bottom left that describes your formatting options.
  • checkin-checkout: only one person can edit a wiki at a time.
  • comment section at the bottom of the wiki

more about wikis


can crabgrass make folders to organise all those pages?


We have a group in riseup where we want to organize the information uploaded.

We created many pages with different files to share but we would like to have some kind of folders to order those files and information in different subjects so its more organized. For example, a folder called “first meeting” where we upload all documents related to this. Is it possible to organize it this way?

In addition to this, we would like tom know how could we upload vídeos and heavy files.

Thank you


Hi cham_ana,
I’m not from tech staff. The way I manage the organization of files and wikis is through hyperlinks. I create a wiki and there I organize the links the way I want. But the inconvenient is that I have to manually update these wiki. It’s totally forgettable, hehe, but if you’re working with people that like wiki/we.riseup style so it will not be a problem.


Another thought about organizing Pages…


On the Pages tab on the left you can filter in great ways.

By Group – who owns the page. works with Committees/Councils.
By Tag – Use Tags to help organize your pages.
By Creator – This is how you choose a Person.
By Page Type – So you can quickly find your task lists.

Tags are your friend

If you want to reorganize to a new “Folder” system, you can simply come up with a new “tagging scheme” Apply the new tags. Test out the new Tags system. IF you like it, delete the old tags.


Is there a way to redirect a page so that [word] and [synonym] will both point to [word] without having to do [synonym→word] every time “synonym” is linked?


I don’t know any.