Install and set up Jitsi Encrypted XMPP/SIP Client

This walk-through is intended for beginners. This tutorial is for Linux and Android users but Jitsi is cross-platform so Mac and Windows users should be able to work out OS specific differences and achieve similar results.

Download and install binaries

Go to and click download. Then select the appropriate version for your operating system.

  • for the latest android build scan qrcode

I am using Gdebi to install the Jitsi binaries to my debian system. You will want to use what is common for your OS.

  • For android use a file manager to navigate to where you downloaded the APK, select and install the application.

Setting up an account

You will need an XMPP account in order to use Jitsi. You can use Jitsi’s servers or you may already have an XMPP account if you use Riseup Email.

Riseup servers

You can use your Riseup email account’s login and pass-phrase to use Riseup’s Jabber services to send encrypted messages.

Jitsi servers

You can register your account at, then use your new login info to log into your account through the Jitsi client.


There are some basic settings we want to change. There are many more configurations you can explore, these are intended to get the new user up and running quickly and securely.

Chat logging

  • Under tools>options>general un-check the box Log chat history

Off The Record

Under tools>options>security check:

  • Enable private messaging
  • Automatically initiate private messaging
  • Require private messaging.

Adding and authenticating contacts

Now you are ready to add some contacts. In the search field on the Jitsi client type the contacts user@domain and click add contact. This will send an approval request to the new contact. Once they have approved the request you will be able to authenticate the contact using each others encryption fingerprint. There are a few ways to do this but the best by far is being in the same room with the contact and seeing that the fingerprints match.

Once you have authenticated your contact you are able to ensure that the person you are speaking to is who they say they are.



There is a discussion on other XMPP clients that offer encryption here.