First time with Mum.

The day everything started to change, l had been looking through one of the magazines on my round. I had gone home to change ready for school. My sister who was four years older had left for work, she was a trainee hairdresser, and my father had left for work. The centre spread of the magazine that day had been of my favourite model and l was desperate to get home and wank.
I raced upstairs into my bedroom, dropped my trousers and pants and began wanking. I was almost ready to cum in seconds when l heard a noise. I turned and realised that l hadn’t shut the door properly and my mother was standing there watching me. My first instinct was to hide but it was too late, l couldn’t stop my orgasm and l was stuck shooting my cum all over the bed.
I started to cry, saying l was sorry. My mother came into the room, telling me it was okay, that l hadn’t done anything wrong. I looked at the mess on my bed but she just asked me to help her change the bedding so that she could wash it. I suddenly realised that my trousers and pants were round my ankles and l hastily picked them up and did my trousers up.
Mum laughed saying it was a bit late for that.
Once l had got changed, l went downstairs, Mum was in the kitchen. I was embarrassed and was hoping to get out of the house as quickly as possible but she told me to sit down. She told me that what l’d been doing was perfectly normal for a boy of my age, in fact she had been surprised l hadn’t started doing it much earlier. She said that l shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, although she advised me not to mention it to my father or sister. She asked me how often l did it. I decided to be honest and said usually three or four times a day, she laughed and said how good it must feel to be able to orgasm four times a day. I thought it was a strange thing for her to say but said l had to get to school and left.