A Not-So-Simple Life: Part 1

The next morning my alarm clock started beeping at six o’clock rather then seven, and although the lazy part of me wanted to shut it off and go back to sleep, I knew that I needed to get up. My body felt a little drained, and after looking at Melissa, last night’s little escapades came flooding back into my head making me smirk. She was still passed out, though, and I thought about waking her up but I decided against it, carefully getting out of bed and proceeding to get ready. Twenty minutes later I was munching on a piece of toast as I wrote a note for Melissa:
span class="italic">Hey, had to leave early. Here’s a spare key to the house. Lock it then put it under the mat. Good luck at your job
It was a dumb idea to give a stranger my house key but I trusted Melissa enough to not steal anything.
Grabbing my backpack, I walked back up to my room to see her still sound asleep. I crept in and set the note and key next to her before heading pornotoy.top back downstairs, exiting my home and locking the door.