three Motives - The Reasons Why Female Should Know Self-Defense

Everyday there is yet another report of a woman being harmed in some manner. It could be a robbery, or sexual assault, women are targeted frequently. Although these statistics can be scary at times, they all highlight one fact that women aren’t protected. This does not mean all women should carry pepper spray around or a gun (though these are options). This simply means more women must be prepared to learn self-defense. These are three reasons why self-defense is essential for women.

Take care to protect yourself
This is the most obvious reason to learn self defense. The statistics show that the average male is bigger and more powerful than the average female. This means that typically women are more vulnerable for violence, and may have a difficult to defend themselves when attacked by a man. If the woman is familiar with self-defense methods, they can fend off an attack.

Self-defense classes aim at instructing women on fast, effective methods of disarming or preventing an attacker. There are numerous scenarios that can be dealt with. These include attacks from behind as well as the front and back, and also weapons or non-lethal attacks. If necessary women are taught to use the items they have in their possession to make weapons. For example, they can scratch at the head or poke the eyes using their car keys. Look at here to discover extra resources on self defence equipment.

These kinds of classes are extremely valuable for women because they help the smaller victim overcome an opponent larger than them, which is the most typical setup in a violent attack against women. The attack’s weight or height are utilized against their height or weight. Also, you target the most sensitive areas of their body and use the most powerful and hard-hitting parts to strike. Even women who are the smallest learn how to defend themselves from larger attackers.

Have faith in your self
Learning a self-dense method such as Krav Maga can provide you with the most amazing feeling of confidence. It can make you feel strong, confident, and fierce even in situations that might have made you feel timid before. Self-confidence is more than being confident in your self. Self-confidence can protect you.

When an attacker is choosing an opponent, they tend to look for individuals that they think are easy targets. Often, they choose people who look timid or uncertain and are walking with their heads down, aren’t paying attention to their surroundings or look lost or distracted. When you feel strong and confident, you are more likely to keep your head up looking forward and with an air of strength about you.

So, these self-defense classes could help stop you from becoming an innocent victim at all. It will be apparent in your carriage and disposition that you are not an easy target, and would-be attackers will be more likely to steer clear of you.

Be More Disciplined
Each type of martial art is based on self-control. You will learn to manage your emotions, stay at peace in stressful situations and be more mindful of the environment around you. All of these abilities can be translated for use in everyday life, from the work environment to personal relationships. When you learn to control and manage your emotions, like you learn in self-defense classes that you can find in your area, you’ll be better able to communicate with others and overcome any obstacle that comes at you.