Other Backup Programs

an odd collection of other backup program notes, mostly obsolete.


storeBackup ( sourceforge.net/projects/storebackup ) doesn’t have a package
for stable, but it does for unstable.

so we install from source:

cd /usr/local/src
wget some/path/to/tar/file
bzip2 -d storeBackup-1.12.2.tar.bz2
tar xvf storeBackup-1.12.2.tar
cd /usr/bin/
ln -s /usr/local/src/storeBackup/bin/storeBackup.pl ./storeBackup

the debian package installs it as storeBackup, instead of storeBackup.pl, so we
follow the convention of the package.

if you put the file /usr/local/src/storeBackup/cron-storebackup in
/etc/cron.daily, then the directory /etc/storebackup.d/ can be used to dump
storeback config files and have them run daily in sequence. fun stuff.

to actually work (well), storebackup needs/wants these packages:

apt-get install perl bzip2 rsync

to create an example configuration file:

storeBackup -f my.conf —generate


glastree is a very easy to use perl script to make backups to disk. backups are hard linked against the backups of the previous day, so you have a history of the data without taking up hardly any extra storage.

glastree has very few options, but is super easy to use because of it. It does not back up stuff remotely. It can only prune old backups using a ‘sliding window’ of a fixed number of days.


download tarball from igmus.org/code and run “make install”.


 > glastree  

For example, to backup /home (user trees will be self-owned):

 > su
bc.  # glastree /home /backup

This will create:


If you ran it the next day:



here is a crontab example which keeps only the last 35 days, and is run daily at 2 am:

 0  2  *  *  * glastree /var/lib/cvs  /backup/cvs; glasstreeprune --days=35 /backup/cvs | xargs -- rm -fr

edit crontab with:
bc. # crontab -e