as root user we install needed encfs package and load fuse module :

# apt-get install encfs 
# modprobe fuse 

now we create a directory we want to encrypt along with a second hidden dir.
as normal user :

$ mkdir /home/user/.dir
$ mkdir /home/user/dir

now we mount the directories with encfs :

$ encfs /home/user/.dir /home/user/dir 

we will then be asked some questions about this encfs filesystem we’re creating, along with a password to protect it. a simple ENTER in most occasions is ok for a standard configuration. directory is now ready to receive sensitive data. we can add a few files to test and then unmount it, using :

$ fusermount -u /home/user/dir

if we check now, /home/user/dir directory should be empty. contents are hidden, encrypted & unreadable in /home/user/.dir . filenames in this directory, are also unreadable. now we can remount, using the password we provided earlier :

$ encfs /home/user/.dir /home/user/dir

p.s. please use a good password and don’t lose it :-)

There is a package cryptkeeper that provides a UI for mounting/unmounting encfs directories.